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Sanitary Stainless Steel 304 316 L Round Manhole Tank Ductile Iron Manhole


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on manholes.  Discover the importance, functions, and components of manholes, essential structures that provide access to underground utility networks and infrastructure.

What is a Manhole?

Definition of a manhole as a vertical shaft or chamber constructed at ground level to provide access to underground utility networks such as sewers, storm drains, and telecommunications.

Functions of Manholes:

Overview of the key functions served by manholes, including:

Providing access for maintenance, inspection, and repair of underground infrastructure.

Facilitating the installation and connection of utility lines.

Allowing for ventilation and pressure relief in confined spaces.

Safeguarding public safety by securing access points and preventing unauthorized entry.

Components of a Manhole:

Description of the main components of a typical manhole, including:

Manhole cover: Heavy-duty lid that provides access to the chamber and prevents debris and unauthorized access.

Manhole frame: Structural support for the manhole cover, typically made of cast iron, steel, or concrete.

Manhole barrel: Vertical section of the manhole chamber, constructed from precast concrete segments or brickwork.

Steps or ladder: Access system for descending into the manhole chamber safely.

Bench or shelf: Horizontal platform within the manhole chamber for personnel to stand or place equipment during maintenance activities.

Types of Manholes:

Overview of common types of manholes based on their function, location, and design, including:

Sewer manholes: Access points for inspecting and maintaining sewer lines and wastewater infrastructure.

Stormwater manholes: Entry points for stormwater drainage systems, designed to prevent flooding and manage runoff.

Telecommunications manholes: Enclosures for housing underground cables, conduits, and communication equipment.

Utility access manholes: Multi-purpose chambers providing access to various underground utilities, including water, gas, and electricity.

Materials and Construction:

Description of the materials used in manhole construction, such as concrete, brick, precast concrete, fiberglass, and composite materials.

Explanation of construction methods, including precast segmental construction, monolithic pouring, and brickwork.

Installation and Maintenance:

Guidance on proper installation practices, including site preparation, excavation, backfilling, and compaction.

Tips for routine maintenance and inspection of manholes to ensure structural integrity, prevent blockages, and address safety hazards.

Regulatory Compliance:

Overview of applicable regulations, standards, and guidelines governing the design, construction, and maintenance of manholes, including local building codes and industry standards.


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